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A. Ford, Business Owner

"McKinsey believed that I could before I even did. I was burning out fast, working 40hrs a week, making money for other people and just generally not enjoying a life I worked so hard to make enjoyable. McKinsey helped me take those first scary (to me) steps to being my own boss. I now make more and work less than I ever have. My job isn't even on my radar as something stressful and I have more time to do whatever I want. She's absolutely the best and I couldn't be more thankful for her."

J. Hunter, Non-Profit 

“When I think of McKinsey Swain I think of a deep well. Upon first meeting her I was immediately impressed, and let’s be honest a bit intimidated, at her ability to care for her  children and foster two young children, all while owning and running a salon/boutique and leading the women’s ministry at her church, oh and being a present and supportive wife. So it was obvious this woman is high capacity from the get-go. And then I realized the well gets deeper. She leads in every capacity from a place of humility and love, and operates out of a storehouse of experience and knowledge. There is nobody more qualified and skilled, creative and adventurous to help people unearth their untapped potential in business, personal growth or any new season of life. And her approach is relational, so you will likely gain a sweet and witty friend to champion you in the process.”

J. Sanders, Sales Manager

It is rare to find someone who is both a creative and artistic visionary, but who also possesses the skillset to execute that vision.   From apparel to interior design, it is not hard to tell you are working with a true artist.  Not only can she make your whole team look better, she can organize them meet your goals and accomplish your mission and vision.  Everything that McKinsey touches will look better and run smoother.  This is backed up by an impressive resume and track record of success.”


T. Jenkins, Independent Stylist

“McKinsey is an innovative, creative entrepreneur, who is always up for trying something new. She can see potential anywhere and has the wherewithal to make it happen. Her down-to-earth, cooperative style makes collaborating with her very easy. She’s trustworthy, gifted in leadership and skilled in communication. Working with her is definitely worth your time.”

M. Lucas, Hospitality Supervisor

"Over the course of over 5 years I had the opportunity to observe her impact on at least half a dozen different organizations and assist in the development of various projects. I have noticed some special characteristics in her approach to gaining and keeping momentum that I am convinced make her a natural leader. She is able to help people vision cast, and ask difficult questions in order to determine priorities, as well as make challenging decisions. In the face of dynamic challenges (logistical, financial, cultural, human/morale) she is able to not ‘get caught in the weeds’ of minutia, and has the ability to continue to move a group or project forward by keeping a voice of steady confidence, and clarity of purpose. Her capacity to lead authentically makes as much sense in a board room scenario, as it does in an outdoor field setting, and her ability to cross over barriers, and get involved on multiple levels is admirable."

She possesses a dynamic tool box of skills, and life experience, that make her an asset to a diverse spectrum of business, education, and nonprofit sectors. The assortment of genres’ that she is able to tap into and move forward has no ceiling in my opinion, and I can attest to seeing her excel in a wide range of roles in projects involving construction, interior design, ministry, group travel, fashion, education, marketing; Just to name a few. 

McKinsey has a unique eye for business that is so needed in this cultural climate, and the ability to follow her intuition and calculate risk well. She elevates every discussion she partakes in.

A. Grupico, Business Owner 

“McKinsey was very instrumental in helping me get my business started. I am truly grateful for her mentorship at a time when I was just starting out and pretty clueless. She was patient and wise. No question was too petty or insignificant. She didn’t hesitate to share her expertise, advice and guidance. Thank you, McKinsey!”

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