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a little about me

Nice to meet you. 

My career began corporately in the fashion world. I was a Designer, and found a measure of success and enjoyment there. It satisfied my wonder-lust with travel and cross-country moves as I was recruited by different companies from Seattle to New York. More so, it gave me my first real lesson on why leadership will make or break a company and the employee experience.


​I eventually went out on my own and designed on a freelance basis for several years before shifting gears into the turbulent world of real estate. I loved the drive and passion I found amongst fellow Realtors and it satisfied my creative energy being able problem solve and break down barriers in front of me. The steady stream of hurdles to jump in the real estate world showed me the importance of perseverance and determination. This is where I learned that not only is leadership the most important element of a business or company but PERSONAL leadership was highly crucial. Being able to discipline, educate and empower yourself is highly critical as a solo entrepreneur or business owner in any field.


​In addition to Real Estate, I found myself starting, running, buying and selling businesses for the better part of the last decade; in the fashion, beauty and education world. I took on leadership roles in different organizations as well as my own companies and took the trial-by-fire approach to my leadership development, the only one I thought existed.


​In all of my experience, there was always one missing element that I desperately desired. Something only later in my career I could articulate; I wanted guidance; someone to help me, coach me or mentor me. I wanted a like-minded, level-headed individual who believed in my potential and cared enough to challenge me and help me grow toward my big scary goals.


​This is why. Why I've dedicated so much time and energy in practicing and studying personal, team and leadership development. I chose to align myself with one of the world's leading expert on the subject of Leadership by joining The John Maxwell Team as an independent Coach. ​Using my gifts for strategy and ideation and my futuristic approach, I created the Diamond Method ® to help you create, define and execute your vision for yourself, your team or your company. With an instinctual ability to see what makes individuals unique, I can help you find the methods, systems and practices that will bring out your full potential so you can break down paradigms and challenge the self-limiting beliefs that stall or halt progress.

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