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     A diamond is made of carbon, and so are we. In fact, we are roughly 18.5% carbon. A diamond is formed with tremendous pressure and heat over time. When a carbon atom is put under this stress, it bonds with other similar carbon atoms and becomes one of the strongest and most beautiful things in the world


     We as humans, no matter the age, race, gender, nationality or religion, all have a tremendous amount of pressure over our lifetime. We feel the heat and stress in our daily lives and in fact, it's what bonds us together, a shared experience of living.

     What we become under the stress, pressure and heat of life is different though. For Carbon, in that environment, it's the same result every time; a diamond. But for humans, why does pressure and stress over time produce such different outcomes?

It's a common idea that our outcomes are determined by what we believe about ourselves, our community and how and why we were created. From those beliefs we decide how we are going to relate to and interact with our world.

     Thoughts, dreams, goals and actions over time; along with a well conceived plan (based on values and our unique making) can result in tremendous personal growth that we can use, even when the pressure is on, to create something strong, beautiful and valuable with our lives, businesses and ministries.

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