I am an Apparel Designer and Personal Stylist with over 10 years in the Fashion Industry. My experience designing for companies like Nordstrom and Nike Swim have given me invaluable insight to how to dress the human body and I feel passionate about helping people realize their own personal style, to feel great in their clothes and look forward to getting dressed each day.

For me it's not about chasing trends. Our style is the first thing people see and what we carry with us all day long. I want you to get to know your own personal style and what will work best for you. We all have a vision for ourselves, how we feel on the inside and how we want to present ourselves. I can help you realize that vision.

Your wardrobe should make your life easier, not be a source of frustration every morning. If you are spending more than 5 minutes picking out your look for the day, you are wasting your valuable time. If you have clothes with tags still on them or items you haven't worn in a year because it doesn't fit, you might be ready for a Closet Audit (see services).  Having a clutter free closet is a great step toward having a clutter free life. Get your closet and how you present yourself everyday in order and you just might be unstoppable.

Don't be shy, more people struggle with streamlining this area of their life than you might think. We consult our hair stylist for our hair, why wouldn't you consult a personal stylist to help you with your wardrobe?